Digital transformation is the key driver of technology today across the globe and across all industry verticals. Long-standing challenges and new trends are helping to shape the path digital transformation takes for enterprises and service providers alike.

Ingram Micro is an A10 Authorised Distributor in Indonesia.

Convergent Firewall

Thunder® CFW combines data center and Gi/SGi firewall, secure web gateway and IPsec VPN into a single solution with all Thunder ADC, CGN and SSLi features.

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Application Delivery

Thunder® ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers) are high-performance solutions to accelerate and optimize critical applications to ensure delivery and reliability.

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Secure Service Mesh

Secure Service Mesh provides load balancing and traffic management, integrated security, and traffic analytics with actionable insights for microservices-based application deployed in Kubernetes.

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SSL Insight

Thunder® SSLi® is the market’s most comprehensive decryption solution. SSLi decrypts traffic and enables security devices to analyze it without compromising performance.

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Application Delivery for Cloud

Lightning® ADC (Application Delivery Controller) delivers load balancing, traffic management, security and per-app analytics for public, private or hybrid cloud workloads.

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Service Analytics & Management

Harmony® Controller delivers centralized management and analytics for secure application services in public, private and hybrid clouds.

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DDoS Detection & Mitigation

Thunder TPS® (Threat Protection System) is the industry’s highest-performance DDoS defense solution. TPS offers fast, precise and scalable DDoS attack detection and mitigation.

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Thunder® CGN (Carrier-Grade Networking) is an award-winning, high-performance solution for advanced CGNAT, IPv4 preservation and IPv6 migration with integrated DDoS protection.

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Security Services

DDoS Cloud Scrubbing

Globally distributed DDoS cloud scrubbing service. DDoS Protection Cloud protects your organization when volumetric attacks grow beyond your internet bandwidth capacity.

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DDoS Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Service combines A10 Networks security research with reputation data from over three dozen security intelligence sources to instantly recognize and block traffic from millions of known DDoS weapons. Rather than waiting to react to the next attack, take a proactive approach with DDoS weapons intelligence.

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