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Access to Ingram Micro Online Indonesia is limited only to Ingram Micro Indonesia Resellers.

If you are an Ingram Micro Indonesia Reseller and wish to register for an Online Account, please complete the Ingram Micro Online Indonesia Account Registration Form and send it to:

Username and Password will be provided via email within 3 x 24 hours after receiving the completed form.

Here are the steps in filling out the registration form that we provide:

  1. Please fill in, signed & stamped with the company seal, registration form attached.
  2. Please attach a photocopy of NPWP, TDP, PKP, SIUP.
  3. Please attach financial statements (Balance Sheet & Income Statement) for the last 2 years (2012 & 2013) for the purpose of submitting credit limit & term of payment. Without a financial statement, the automatic term of payment is CBD (Cash Before Delivery).
  4. Please return the forms mentioned above (No. 1,2,3) to us. Especially for the registration form, please return the original, which has been filled, signed & stamped, to be returned to us.

Please download the file here:

IMOnline Registration Form