Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

It is a common challenge where business has device-centric silos – where in a traditional infrastructure setup connects to storage separately through network with little management integration. For example, a typical SAN setup. Such setup faces problems like complexity in integration, time consuming to deploy where you will need SME from respective domain, difficulty to scale and many more.

Hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies the complexity. 

  • Simplicity
    Simplified installation and provisioning. Traditionally different team of engineers will be involved in the deployment, with HCI you likely need only the compute engineers to understand the concept and the deployment.
    Unified management in a single simple interface, allowing the rest of your IT team to focus on proactive parts of the business.
  • Linear-scale
    Reduces data center complexity – storage and compute will scale in tandem. 
    Faster deployment for new infrastructure and new business applications
    Non-disruptive scaling and migration
  • Cost Reduction
    Small footprint, low power consumption
    Pay as your grow, no large upfront investments

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