Data Leak & Data-Warehouse Optimization

It is no surprise that volume and complexity of the data is growing exponentially across all enterprises due to the growing mobile data traffic, cloud-computing traffic and development and adoption of technologies including IoT and AI. Unstructured data will account more than 80% of the data collected by organizations.

However, today’s data warehouse system is not up to the challenge of meeting these new demands. It is unable to handle these data that are in different varieties and complexity and process them with high processing speed. Moreover, traditional data warehouses are not suitable for storing unstructured data coming from IoT devices and social media. With this limitation, organization will lose critical business insights hidden inside these unstructured data.

Another challenge is the traditional “scale up and scale out” approach of adding infrastructure using high-end servers or appliances with expensive shared storage (e.g. SAN or NAS) has become impractical and far too costly. When the current data warehouse reaches its capacity, it can be very costly to expand by adding new and higher capacity servers. The additional hardware also requires additional cooling, space, power supply and increased management.

Ingram Micro provides you an enterprise data hub as the solution, to augment an existing data warehouse infrastructure for data warehouse optimization. Hadoop is a technology behind a data lake and is like a data reservoir to collect and store the different varieties of data in native format. It can also act as a landing zone which is a staging area to accept and store unstructured and structured data.

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